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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some of the more frequently-asked questions (FAQs) that we regularly receive from victims of dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. If you do not see your question here, or you would like to speak with our award-winning legal team about your legal rights and options for compensation, please complete the contact form on this page and someone from our firm will contact you soon.

What is the difference between filing a personal injury claim and filing a personal injury lawsuit?

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of taking a dangerous prescription drug or being fitted with a defective medical device, the first step would be to file a claim with the company who manufactures the drug or medical device. Filing a claim with the company does not carry any legal standing, and therefore it may sometimes be necessary to file a lawsuit against the company in order to legally force them to respond to your claim. Anyone can file a lawsuit, but having an attorney’s legal expertise can increase the chances of a successful outcome.

How much does it cost to hire an attorney for a personal injury claim?

Many people mistakenly assume that hiring an attorney will be too expensive for them, and therefore they decide that pursuing a claim for their injuries would be too burdensome. Injury victims are often surprised to learn that there are no up-front costs for hiring a personal injury attorney. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means all attorney fees and costs are deducted from the total settlement amount after the case has been successfully resolved. This allows injury victims to get the legal representation they deserve without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars up-front.

How long does a personal injury case typically take to be successfully resolved?

Since each case is unique, it can be difficult to determine how long a personal injury case might take until it is completely resolved. Our attorneys may be able to give you a better idea of what sort of timeline to expect after we have had a chance to review the specific details of your case.