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Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuits | Hip Injury Settlements

Stryker Hip Replacement Injury Lawsuits

Stryker, according to its own website, is “the worldwide market leader in total hip replacement products.” Despite its business success, however, the company has come under fire in recent years due to a number of its hip replacement products causing serious injury to patients who have received them. Patients who have suffered serious injury after undergoing a hip replacement procedure may have grounds for a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the defective medical devices.

Stryker’s metal on metal hip replacement implants have been determined to be quite problematic in many of those whose lives were supposed to improve after the procedure. Countless recipients of various Stryker hip replacement models have reported a range of health complications after receiving the procedure, and it is expected that there are many more potential claimants who have not yet come forward.

Stryker Hip Replacement Injuries and Complications

stryker hip replacementPeople above the age of 45 years old reportedly account for more than 95 percent of all patients who undergo a hip replacement procedure, making the elderly demographic the most susceptible to hip replacement injuries and illnesses. The processes for receiving a hip replacement implant and recovering from the medical procedure have dramatically improved over the past 20 years, and therefore more and more people are being exposed to these potentially dangerous and defective medical devices.

Thousands of patients have reported experiencing some of the same common injuries and illnesses after undergoing a total hip replacement. Below is a list of the more common injuries and illnesses being reported by patients:

  • Metallosis, or metal toxicity in bloodstream
  • Hip joint slips or loosens, causing instability
  • Bone fractures or chipping
  • Dislocated joint or total device failure
  • Serious infections

Many times, people who suffer serious injuries like those listed above have to undergo several painful and expensive revision surgeries. This not only affects the patient’s well-being and hinders their recovery, but sometimes leaves them with even less mobility than they had before the hip replacement procedure. The fact that patients believe their lives will be significantly improved by these procedures only to suffer more serious injuries is unjust, and Stryker should be held responsible for the harm its products have caused to innocent people.

Who Can File a Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit?

People who have suffered serious injuries or illnesses, including those listed above, after receiving a defective hip replacement implant may have grounds for filing a lawsuit against Stryker. Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the company may allow you to recover financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

It is imperative that you do not delay the process in seeking legal assistance if you wish to file a hip replacement lawsuit. The law sets a very strict time limit on the amount of time you are provided to file a lawsuit for your injuries before your claim will be forever barred. Our attorneys can review your potential claim free of charge, and there is absolutely no obligation to hire a lawyer if you contact us. If you do decide to hire us, all attorney’s fees will be paid out of your settlement at the conclusion of the case, so there are no upfront costs to get started.

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