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Legal Options for Defective Medical Device Injuries

We are currently reviewing claims and handling lawsuits for people injured or killed by the defective medical devices listed below. Click on any of the links below to learn more about that particular dangerous drug, including serious side effects of the drug, current lawsuits and verdicts, and recall efforts or consumer warnings.

Device NamePurposeCommon Injuries
3M Bair HuggerWarming BlanketInfections, Sepsis, Amputation
Bayer Mirena IUDContraceptive Intrauterine Device (IUD)Internal Bleeding, Ectopic Pregnancy, Brain Injury
DePuy Knee ReplacementsKnee ReplacementMetallosis, Device Failure, Bone Fractures
DePuy Hip ReplacementsHip ReplacementMetallosis, Device Failure, Bone Fractures
E-Cigarette Battery ExplosionsNicotine AidBurn Injury, Amputation
Essure Birth Control CoilsContraceptionPerforation, Surgical Removal
IVC FiltersBlood Clot PreventionBroken Device, Surgical Removal
Power MorcellatorsHysterectomy Uterine Cancer, Abdominal Cancer
Stryker Hip ReplacementsHip ReplacementMetallosis, Device Failure, Bone Fractures
Zimmer Duron Hip ReplacementsHip ReplacementMetallosis, Device Failure, Bone Fractures
Zimmer Kinectiv Hip ReplacementsHip ReplacementMetallosis, Device Failure, Bone Fractures

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries from one of the above defective medical devices or products, it is important to be aware of your legal rights and options. In some cases, people who are injured – as well as the surviving family member(s) of people who may even tragically be killed – as a result of a defective medical device have the legal right to be compensated for all damages and losses they have incurred.

Surely, no amount of money can ever undo the harm that is often caused by these devices, but successfully pursuing a personal injury claim holds manufacturers of these dangerous products accountable and can also provide injured victims and their loved ones with a tremendous sense of justice. If you would like for our attorneys to review your medical device injury case absolutely free of charge, simply fill out the contact form on this page and we will contact you soon.

Defective Medical Device Injury Statistics

It is fact that medical device and drug companies constantly push for expedited FDA approval of drugs and devices before it can be determined if these products are safe for consumers. The FDA has come under increased scrutiny for fast-tracking these products to the marketplace, only to discover that defects and side effects cause serious injury or death to patients.

Manufacturers of these devices, who have an obvious financial stake in how these statistics might be interpreted, would have you believe that there is nothing to worry about; according to a 2006 study which was funded by medical device manufacturers, “serious device-related safety problems are extremely rare.” However, the real data shows that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) receives more than 200,000 reports of injury and 2,000 reports of fatality related to defective medical devices each year.

The FDA uses data generated by these reports to influence its decision to recall a particular product that demonstrates a significant risk of injury or death to consumers. When a product is recalled, anyone who might be affected by the product is notified of the recall, as well as the reason for the recall and steps that the consumer can take to have the product fixed, replaced, or refunded. However, there are many flaws in this process and consumers are often not notified of a product recall until it is too late.

Device Recalls, Lawsuits, and More

Below is an alphabetic list of the various defective medical device cases our attorneys are handling. Click on the link for the corresponding defective medical device to learn more about the intended purpose of the device, potential defects and risks, common injuries, ongoing lawsuits, and more.

Our network of attorneys is currently handling or has previously handled claims involving these devices, so you can rest assured that we understand how to properly evaluate your claim and get you the legal help you need. There is no obligation to contact us, and we will review your case absolutely free of charge. Just fill out the confidential form on this page to get started.